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Learn about our history and our connection to the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester, NY

Centennial Milestones:
Covenant’s Historical Timeline

Centennial Milestones cover.jpg

This timeline traces the history of Covenant United Methodist Church from its beginnings as a Sunday School in 1884 and its incorporation as church in 1887. The document tells how the congregation became known as the Spencer-Ripley Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church and how it eventually acquired its current name of Covenant. Also included are the names and years of all the pastors who served in the churches which make up the lineage of Covenant. It was compiled and written by Bob Kern, our Church Administrator (and resident historian), in June 2023 to mark the 100th anniversary of the present building.

Click on the PDF logo to download the file.

East Side Endeavor:
The Story of Parsells Church in Rochester, NY

Bob Kern chronicles the presence of the Parsells Church on the east side of Rochester. Even though the church is now completely history, what a fascinating history it is. And it’s not just about one church, but about many, because of various mergers.

What does Covenant (once called Spencer-Ripley) have to do with this? As a sister church, Covenant was always an active partner in ministry with Parsells, and Covenant’s history is presented in this book, too. 

East Side Endeavor is a big book with lots of pictures. And lots of pages. But length doesn’t matter; it’s an e-book. And it’s a large PDF file (even at the compacted file size), with bookmarks. Oh, and it’s free, as it’s for educational and historical purposes.

Click on the link below to download the file.!AjRvaG3ZuHb7uSQRXxlbE9jmneJT?e=UpvaUE

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